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Daily Devotional Collection

Daily Devotional Collection App

The complete collection of 15 classic daily devotionals available from Tap Tap Studio in a single app.

It includes classics such as Streams in the Desert, Daily Light on the Daily Path and Spurgeon's Morning and Evening.

Get this app and start reading it today.

Remember to take time to read and reflect on God's Word daily.

Read them anywhere and at anytime.

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What people are saying about our apps ...

Streams in the Desert:

Encouraging - I have really been encouraged each day as I've read this devotional. It has often helped me to remember God' attributes and character and realize He is all I need.

Daily Light on the Daily Path:

My family has used the Daily Light for devotions for years. I love having it in this mobile form. It's a wonderful way to begin the day and to end the day.

Streams in the Desert:

This is a very meaningful and helpful daily devotional book for my ipad. I love being able to have all my devotional readings and Bible apps on one device. ... This is especially nice when I travel, to not have to take numerous books. ... I highly recommend this devotional to anyone who loves God's Word and is serious about their daily walk with The Lord.

Faith’s Checkbook:

I use this app everyday and really love the layout, it’s starting to feel like ‘home’ when I open it every morning. I especially like being able to bookmark the days I really enjoy as well as leave notes. You can also copy the text and paste into FB or into another Bible App. Spurgeon is fantastic and always encouraging and practical.

Daily Prayer Guide:

Very thankful to have found this app.. Truly wonderful, enlightening and gives me a great smile to start my day off!

Daily Light on the Daily Path:

Have been introduced to the NET translation through this app. which I think is wonderful translation. There is no better devotional than the Word itself. The Daily Light is an inspired work. What a privilege to have access to it from my iPad and iPhone.